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Day 10 - Jasper

Day 11 - To Wells Gray

September 3, 1998
Jasper - Wells Gray

On the road again

There is not much to report about this day. It was mainly a driving day. The '16' took us from Jasper to the east and straight to Wells Gray. After some shopping we went directly to the Ranch.

Buffalo Ranch

We arrived early. Some of us booked the horseback riding. Some didn't. Can't write much about the riding. I was one of the ones who enjoyed the afternoon on the ranch and relaxed. Except cooking there was not much to do. So we had the whole afternoon to prepare the Australian style roast. Another thing we (and above all Mimmi) had to do was prepare for the canoeing trip the other day.
Kitchen at Buffalo Ranch

Day 12, 13 -Overnight canoe trip
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