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Days 12, 13 -Overnight Canoeing

Day 14 - Spences Bridge to Whistler

September 6, 1998
Spences Bridge, Lilooet, Whistler

A long ride

It's about 100 miles from Wells Gray to Whistler. We started on "Canada 1" again (with a souvenir). There is not much to see other than a slowly changing landscape. The first and only stop we took was at a gas station in Lilooet for some snacks and drinks. The last bit down to Whistler was a bit more interesting. The road started to go steeper down. Little ways to the side had been installed to stop cars with broken brakes. We were lucky.

Visit at Whistler

In the early afternoon we arrived in Whistler at Blackcomb Lodge. We had 3.5 rooms with 4 beds each. Back at a hotel after two weeks of camping. Laundry - only one machine for all of us. Swimming pool. Shower in the room. All the luxury we learned to love life without.
But laundry was our mission for the afternoon. The only machine in the hotel was occupied and so we took the next taxi to the public laundry a little north of  town. Washing was no big problem. Only there was nothing to be done in the mean time. After not buying these special scissors twice we finished our washing and took the public bus back to the lodge.
The rest of the afternoon was used for relaxing, shopping (in the touristy village with even a Nike town) and in the swimming pool. Cooking and eating happened in our rooms. Our room was the drinks and dining room. The other two were used as kitchens. "Get the meat in the room next door and the vegetables in the other one". But once more dinner was a happening.

A night in a bed

This was our first night in a village after 3 wilderness nights without nightlife. So we were in a big dilemma. Enjoy the night out or enjoy the bed. The pretty village invited for a good night in cafes and bars. But most of us were tired and preferred to really use their beds.

Day 15 - On the way to Vancouver
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