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Day 14 -To Whistler

Day 15 - Whistler to Vancouver

September 7, 1998
Whistler - Horseshoe Bay - Vancouver

On the way to Vancouver

For a change we could sleep in a little. We had breakfast somewhere at a take-away in Whistler before we left. The ride to Vancouver was nothing special. We stopped on the way to get some food.

Stanley Park and Downtown

Totem Poles in Stanley ParkWe arrived early in Vancouver. We entered Vancouver from the Horseshoe Bay over Lions Gate Bridge to Stanley Park. Stanley Park was our first stop. We parked at Brockton Oval (where they had an international Cricket game). The first spot were the Totem Poles. We also had some time to walk around in the park between the Totem Poles and the parking.
Gas TownAfter seeing the Totem Poles we took a sight seeing tour by van. After driving all around Stanley Park we went into Vancouver downtown. We drove along Robson to the edge of China Town and back on West Georgia, the main shopping streets. We stopped at a parking  close to the Waterfront Center from where we started to explore Vancouver. Since this was only the first of two days my main focus was on getting lunch and getting a rough idea about what's where and where to go the other day. Some of us met for lunch in a Greek restaurant in Gas Town. After a good lunch I started exploring Vancouver. I walked back to Robson. The only shop I stopped a bit longer was Virgin Mega Store (where most of our crew went the next day).

Dogwood campground

After a nice afternoon in Vancouver we all met again to get to our campground a little outside Vancouver. It took us about an hour to get there. Dogwood campground did not compare to all the land style campgrounds we've been to the last two weeks. Among the campers there were a lot of permanent camper vans and installations. But at least Dogwood had a swimming pool. After establishing our camp, a short swim and a shower we had to get ready to get back to the City.

Night out in Vancouver

The first thing to get was dinner. We went back to Gas Town where we had a reservation at the Brothers restaurant. In an atmosphere like in a monastery we got good dinner served by real looking Brothers. They even had a choir singing for birthdays. After this great fish and meat dinner we went out looking for a place for dancing. The closest suitable one was vis-a-vis The Landing. We were almost the only guests. But we had great fun. Some of us were dancing, the other ones playing pool. We all had to leave together because the only other way to get back to Dogwood was a taxi ride of almost an hour ...

Day 16 - Vancouver
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