The Walk of Life

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Day 16 -Vancouver

Day 17 - On the way to Tofino

September 9, 1998
Vancouver - Horseshoe Bay - Nanaimo - Port Alberni - Tofino

The ferry ride

After an early morning rise (because we had to cross Vancouver in or better before rush hour) we arrived in Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. Main attractions were: little toilet house with vending machine, waiting and Dean the driver ("Who moved my van?"). The following ferry ride from Vancouver to Nanaimo was nice ad relaxing. Food and drinks are available. But don't try to eat or even drink on deck. The drinks will splash your face.

The way to Bella Pacifica

Nanaimo had not much to offer except a mall with a big grocery store. Shopping was on. After that we took the long way to Tofino without too many stops. The Landscape is impressing. There's not much more than forests, lakes and mountains.
We finally reached Pacific Rim and were approaching Tofino and our campground Bella Pacifica. But we were a bit late. we had to take another toilet stop (Mimmi!!!). Ok, we reached the camp ground, put up our tents (with some fights about who sleeps in which hole) and put up the kitchen tent for the first time. After a good dinner and a hard dish washing (only little sinks inside the male toilets and no light outside) we enjoyed the evening. Around 11 pm the thing we always "missed" started - it was raining for the first time.

Day 18 - Tofino (Whale watching)
(c) 1.999 by Urs Künzler
Thanx to all the crew members