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Day 17 -To Tofino

Day 18 - Pacific Rim

September 10, 1998
Tofino, Whale watching

At the camp

I decided for the longer whale watching tour including hot springs Cove. So did some others. That's why we could sleep in while the other ones went to their whale watching tour. It was a rainy morning. Motivation was not too high. After enjoying our breakfast we all went to the telephone. Jo called home and let us all say hello to their parents. Most of us had to reconfirm their flights from Seattle. I had two reservations so I canceled the one leaving on Sunday.

Whale watching

Ready for the whale watching tripThe next adventure was whale watching. At Seaside Adventures we got ready for the ride. Well packed in warn suites with water proof rain coats and boots we boarded one of the two Zodiacs. Riding the Zodiac itself already is an adventure. It shakes up and down but going fast is big fun and makes you less sea-sick than not moving. On the way out we first saw a group of seals before getting in the area where they usually spot whales. And we were lucky. There was a group of at least three Grey Whales around our boats. Whale tails all over the place. The only bad thing was the smell of the whale's breath. They might need some toothpaste.
On the way to the Hot Springs we also past a real big Sea Eagle. From the shore where the boat stopped it was about a 30 minutes walk through the rain forest to the Hot Springs. The water coming from the spring was extremely hot. But since it enters the sea in this place there was a great mixture of hot and cold water. Incoming waves always cooled us down. On the way back we enjoyed the great views the rain forest gave us. The Zodiac finally brought us back to Tofino where after a short shopping stop we went back to camp to enjoy the evening.
Hot Springs Cove Grey Whale tail Hot Springs Cove
Rain forest on the way back from the hot springs Tofino camp at Bella Pacifica

Day 19 - Tofino to Victoria
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