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Day 19 -Tofino to Victoria

Day 20 - Visiting Victoria

September 12, 1998
Cleanup, Victoria sightseeing

Cleaning all our stuff

No, there are no photos (but video) from the cleanup session. We decided to do all the cleanup today and go dining out. So everything had to be cleaned. The van inside and outside, we even removed the seats. All the boxes (some of them broke on the way from Seattle). And worst of all the whole kitchen had to be cleaned. We did a good job. We finished early and thus had enough time to go to victoria early.

Very British Victoria town

Victoria Inner HarbourVictoria is a nice little city. It feels very British. Most of the buildings are quite old. It's beautiful. But Victoria is also a good place for shopping. You can find a lot of souvenir of any kind (also damn funny ones!). Good sports shops offer above all outdoor sporting goods (but also other things like boarder wear). And then there is the whole normal rest of shops you find in every city. Btw. although Vancouver is the largest city in B.C. Victoria is its capitol.
The Empress Hotel was the only touristy spot I went to. Lots of museums are available. But I preferred to do some shopping and enjoy the time in parks listening to the many street musicians.
The Empress Hotel

Night out in Victoria

There is not too much to tell about the night. After a good dinner we went to find a place for dancing. First we waited in a bar because "The Planet" (?) was not yet open. Then we went dancing from 11 to 1 in a place with mostly very young people but still some of us had problems to get in (only someone did not have to show his picture id).

Day 21 - On the way back to Seattle
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