The Walk of Life

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Day 1 - The Cascades

Day 2 - Okanagan Valley

August 25, 1998
Winthrop - Osoyoos - Penticton - Kelowna - Vernon

Xing the border

Xing the boarder first of all meant some planing. Get your passports ready. Get your plane tickets ready. Have no more fruits and vegetables with you (quarantine). At the border we all got our Canada entry into our passports and were asked if we carried fire weapons. Should we?
Now we were in Canada, eh! Change your money. New customs...

Shopping in Osoyoos

We first stopped in the city of Osoyoos for our personal shopping and for those who had to for money exchange (we had to pay for the food kitty afterwards. Btw. US$ 45 a week for 3 weeks makes CND 390??? - We paid 200). After that we went to our first grocery store stop a little outside Osoyoos. We had to shop for our first few days meals.

Wine tasting


Okanagan Valley with surounding mountains Okanagan wine yard Okanagan Valley and wine yard

Oh, that's not really my thing. But Okanagan is one of the best wine growing areas of Canada. So a stop at a wine yard was a must. We started with a good lunch outside the villa. And then it was time for wine tasting and looking around the wine yard and the production lines. Everything was well labeled and explained. So it was also interesting for non-wine-drinkers like me. There was also an opportunity to buy some wine but only Mario did because of his birthday that was to come soon.

Camping in Vernon

We already knew how to setup tents (some still had to practice). The hard thing was to find a good (non rocky) spot. We had a good one but unfortunately Rob (the tour guide paralleling with us) was sleeping (sorry snoring) on top of his van (later to be called 'The snore mobile') quite close to us. Then it was cooking time. Swiss Rösti with vegetables and eggs took some time and was a bit had with these urban tools. But finally ... it worked. And again late at night there where some Dutch (how much Southern should you mix with Coke?), a Belgian and a Swiss... and a British.

Day 3 - On the way to Yoho
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Thanx to all the crew members