The Walk of Life

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Day 2 - Okanagan Valley

Day 3 - On the way to Yoho

August 26, 1998
Vernon - Revelstoke - Glacier N.P. - Golden - Yoho N.P.

The Ride

Some memories about the way from Vernon to the Kicking Horse C.G. in Yoho N.P.
  • Revelstoke: We stopped in the village of the ski resort Revelstoke to do some shopping. The most important for me was to call my travel agent to change my flights (that's a story to be continued too) but have only reached his answering machine.
  • Rogers Pass in Glacier N.P.: The Canadian One at all its beauty. Often one lane only. Impressing train rails of CPR (Canada Pacific Rail).
  • White water rafting

    White water rafting was due for the afternoon. It took some time to find the way to the start. We got our equipment (wet suits, shoes, helmets, life-jackets) and our instructions and divided into two boats. The water was extremely cold (around 6 Celsius). Taking seats is difficult (take the one at the back if you're afraid) as well as paddling straight. Once more we practiced 180s and even up to 720s. Btw. the seat at the back is the one where you may easily get thrown out (people almost experienced that). It was big fun (as people said more on our boat than on the other) although the water level was a bit too low. After coming back and warming up it was time for our steak...
    Sorry it was too wet to take pictures.

    Camping on Kicking Horse

    This was another night for the 'late night crew'. It started to become common and people started to get to know each other.

    Day 4 - Yoho Hike
    (c) 12.98 by Urs Künzler
    Thanx to all the crew members