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Day 4 - The Yohoho Hihihike

August 27, 1998
Yoho N.P.: Takakkaw Falls and Iceline Trail

The big hike

Takakkaw FallThis was the day for the big hike. A short drive took us from the camp ground through some Zick-Zacks (Dutch for switch backs) up to Takakkaw Falls. Takakkaw Falls offers another Campground for hikers. It can be reached by feet only. Starting at 9 am we got 8 hours to get back. The van would leave at 5:30 pm latest.
Waterfall in Yoho ValleyThe first easy bit took us along a little river to the end (or better the beginning) of Yoho Valley and after a short climb we reached the Twin Falls Chalet from where we could see one of Twin Falls (the second one was dry).
We decided to climb Twin Falls which we reached after a steep climb of about another hour. The view was definitely worth the climb. We enjoyed the great view over Yoho Valley and to the surrounding mountains and glaciers. Continuing the climb we expected to have reached the point farest from the start and to have to get down again. But we still climbed. That's why we only took some minutes for lunch break. After another climbing walk we finally reached whaleback lookout with its great view to all directions of the valley. And now it started to drop steep and we felt on the way back.
Lake CelesteThis way back lead us on the 'short-cut' passing beautiful Lake Celeste up to the Iceline Trail. Iceline Trail runs, according to its name, along the lower end of the glaciers but little higher than the trees line. We took some more views heading back to the parking lot.
Emerald Glacire along the Iceline TrailBut it was still much longer to walk than we thought. After a run of about 2 more hours it started to finally drop to the valley. Hurrying back to the van we had not much time to enjoy the scenery.
We arrived late! It was 5:05. But we were the first ones after our tour guide. What happened? Did everyone take the same long way we took? We'd have to wait for hours. After about half an hour the next ones arrived and till 6:30 everyone was back (and the van still there). It was a hard walk. But it was worth all the blisters almost everyone got. But why worry. The next hike was scheduled for two days later...
Map of the Yohoho Hihihike

Camping on Kicking Horse

Back at the camp ground it was our cooking evening again. After dinner we relaxed with Robs group around our campfire. They burned our bread sticks for their marshmallows. And at the end we even forgot them on this camp ground. Our holly bread stick... And again it was the same ones who stayed up long and some even had to go to the washing room with and back to bed without light.

Day 5 - Yoho to Banff
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Thanx to all the crew members