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Day 4 - Yoho Hike

Day 5 - On the way to Banff

August 28, 1998
Yoho N.P. - Lake Louise - Banff

Lake Louise

Lake Louise with canoesIt was a short ride from Yoho to Lake Louise. Lake Louise is an extremely touristy place. Once you see the hotel at the lake you know why. It's a palace. After enjoying the calm view to the lake from the hectic yard of the hotel and listening to a Swiss Bavarian Alpenhorn player we started for today's hike.
From the Chalet towards Victoria GlacierIt took us about an hour to get up to the famous chalet. Some of us drank a tea or even ate a soup. The others just relaxed, looked around (like real tourists do) and took pictures among the many Japanese and Europeans. The way back down first opens to the moraines in the valley which prove that it can't be too long ago that the glacier was much larger. A bit later one gets to see the hills on the opposite side of Lake Louise village with the slopes carved into the forest. That's where the World Cup skiing takes place.

First night on Tunnel Mountain Camp Ground

Tunnel Mountain CampgroundVans parked on Tunnel Mountains campgroundAfter a short Banff sight seeing tour by van and practicing some more turns we arrived at the tents only area of our camp ground. Although it was bear country we were told that we can leave our food in the shelters during the day. That made live much easier (we thought). But there was not too much time to stay. After refreshing and setting up tents for four nights it was night out time. It was Marios birthday.

Day 6 - Calgary
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