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Day 6 - Calgary

Day 7 - Banff walk

August 30, 1998
Banff: Cory pass walk, hot springs

Cory pass walk

Mt Cory on the way upCory pass walk was the second (and last) long hike. We started about at 9 am and left the parking lot at 4 pm. Most of us started the easier way up towards Edith pass to come back the steep way from Cory pass. It was a beautiful walk. The first part was walking through light forests gaining altitude slowly. Also the forest changed slowly till we left the bush area. Higher up the path lead through gray and rocky terrain into large rock fields. The large rock field between Mt Edith and Mt. Louis was the part of the trail that really needed good footwear. We stopped at Cory pass for lunch and enjoyed the view over bow valley on the one hand and into the mountains behind us on the other. The way back stared quite easy too. A small trail lead us back in the direction to Banff before we cam to a point with the perfect view over bow valley. That was also the point where the steep part started. Going down was quite hard (but going up might be even harder). Parts of the way were sandy and other slippery. Finally we made it back by 3 pm and had some more time to relax and look after new blisters (now most likely everyone had at least one, Mimmi's even lasted till the end of the tour).
Cory pass view from the way downView over bow valleyMap of the Banff hike to Cory pass

Relaxing at the hot springs

The hot springs of Banff were the thing we all were looking forward to. This was the place to relax. Entry fee was $7 ($6 for groups). Swim wear is available for sale or for rent. There is only one (quite small) pool of hot spring water. Swimming is not what people do. It's a relaxing pool. The hour we spent there was worth it. We relaxed well and got tired for the night.

Day 8 - Banff N.P.
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